Monday, June 05, 2006

Thrift Store MoJo

We all know what thrift store mojo is, right? It's that zen state of existence in which one knows exactly which thrift store will have the best of whatever it is we're looking for. We all know it is an abundant universe, and the Great Mother bestows her best gifts on her followers who keep their minds open and are willing to accept what she offers with grateful hearts, trusting that it is indeed unique and wonderful.

But what good is finding it if you can't show it off? And sometimes your friends are just too uptight to appreciate the brilliance of your find, or to understand the artfully subtle way in which you blend periods and styles, creating an eclectic look, be it in your home or in your style of dress. And if they just don't get it, what can you do?

Well, you can send photos of your best finds to Thought Provocateur. Share your best overall thrift store find, the best nook or cranny of your house done in your own inimitable style, your best thrift store outfit, you name it. If someone is reading this blog, chances are they'll truly get it, and truly appreciate it. It may inspire them to new heights of self expression through thrifting.

I've started the ball rolling with a beautiful original oil painting I found at the local Salvation Army store several years ago. I paid $4 for it, and it is one of my greatest treasures. I've had several people tell me the artist, Carol Singer, has something of a reputation locally.

Be sure to spend some time at the incredible thrift store art sites Museum Of Fred and Huge Magazine's Thrift Store Art Gallery.

Coming Soon: Thought Provocateur's Ugly Lamp Festival


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