Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Mid-Century Modern Lamp

Under the heading of they either get it or they don’t…

I was showing my 33-year-old daughter my fabulous new turquoise and gold mid-century modern lamp complete with matching 2-tier shade in mint condition. Her reaction? “Some of us just suspend all judgment when thrift store shopping .” Whatcha gonna do?

Recent empty nesters, my husband and I moved from our huge old fixer-upper, which we avoided fixing up for 10 years, to an interesting apartment complex built in the 1970s. (Yes, there really is such a thing, but that’s another post.) The rest of the apartment is great; an eclectic mix of antiques, thrift store finds and funky art, but our bedroom was boring, boring, boring! Unlike the rest of the place, it was beige box architecture, which I had creatively enhanced with a white bedspread, white painted furniture, no artwork. It worked in our old place – our bedroom was an enclosed sun porch, with 10 windows, so it didn’t need a lot of help in the character department; just add plants.

Well, one day I was indulging in one the finer things in life, a leisurely browse through my favorite thrift store, when I spotted this little gem. That was all she wrote. For reasons I am having a hard time articulating to my husband, you just can’t mix 1950s style with much else, so I am now in the process of slowly decorating our bedroom in mid-century modern, with the following rules:

  • Unless we absolutely love it, we don’t buy it – nothing that’s just making due. We’ll just keep our $10 dollar painted dresser and other thrift store finds instead of settling.
  • It has to be a great find. We’re shopping thrift stores and estate sales, and don’t expect this to happen overnight. It might be a work-in-progress for several months or even a couple of years. That’s okay; true thrift store shoppers will recognize this mode of living and know it’s much more satisfying than running out to the big-box store and buying a matching set.
  • The only opinions that count are our own.
  • We each have veto power; my husband doesn’t get the thrill I do out of a brilliantly executed decorating idea, but nevertheless has a great eye of his own. I can only remember once in our marriage that I loved something that he couldn’t stand, and I left it in the store. I think no one should have to live with something they hate, and have managed to extract that concession from him.

Of course, right off the bat, I hit a snag…we have a king-size bed, and there are no king-size headboards out there in blond 50s modern. Well, we both have bad backs, and are not giving up our dual king bed, so another rule was invented:

  • Get over it! We found a dark walnut 60s Danish modern king headboard that works. Did I say you just can’t mix 50s modern with any other style? I meant other than 60s Danish modern, of course.

Okay fans of mid-century modern, let’s see your great finds! We showed you a couple of ours, now let’s see yours. We need some thrift store love!

Need inspiration? I’ve found some really fun links showcasing the best of mid-century modern furniture and accessories; check ‘em out! I especially love The Good Eye.


Blogger Brian W. said...

great lamp--no matter what your daughter says. love the site and your thrift store finds.

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